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Apple’s Swift programming language to improve reliability and productivity

Developing for Apple’s desktop and mobile devices has traditionally involved writing software in a language called Objective-C (a language closely based on the traditional C programming language, but that supports an ‘object oriented’ approach to software development). One of the

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Simulated adverse event report sent by Virtual PV’s AER App from the remote Cook Islands

Steve has been on a world circumnavigation in recent months, fulfilling one of those life ambitions many of us have, but relatively few of us get around to (as I write, he’s now touring on the West Coast of the USA before returning to

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Virtual PV exhibits at inaugural MCT-Congress and DIA EuroMeeting 2014

In March, Virtual PV joined partners BaseCon at the DIA EuroMeeting 2014 in Vienna, Austria, to exhibit our novel Adverse Event Reporting App. The week before Virtual PV participated (see photos below) in the inaugural MCT-Congress that was held in

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FDA to produce drug shortages smartphone app

The US drugs regulator is looking to create a new smartphone app to help with the continuing problem of drug shortages. There is already an unofficial app called ‘RxShortages’ which has been available since 2010 and relies on information from

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What do London buses and mHealth conferences have in common?

The answer in Europe at least is quite a lot. The last time I looked there was no evidence of any mHealth conferences in Europe then all of a sudden there were two. The first, an apparent spin out from

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Certification of Health Apps

New York-based mobile healthcare provider Happtique announced that it has certified 19 (although only 18 were listed) health and medical apps submitted by developers through its Health App Certification Program (HACP), in what the company calls a “first-of-its-kind program to

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Online site to test health apps for usability, trustworthiness

An international health app website has been launched to help patients and the public find the most suitable mobile health apps and test every app it features for usability and trustworthiness. The site features apps in 47 languages drawn from 146

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UK Healthcare CIOs Cite Mobile Health As Top Priority

67 percent of Healthcare CIOS in the UK select mobile health solutions and electronic patient records as top priorities for the next 12 months, according to a recent industry report by Healthcare IT Exchange. The report investigates the key themes

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Apps in healthcare – 2013

Below is a bibliography of articles published so far in 2013 relating to the use of mobile Apps in healthcare. 1. A comparison of the reliability of smartphone apps … [Drug Saf. 2013] – PubMed – NCBI [Internet]. [cited 2013

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Launch of Adverse Event Reporting App

Virtual PV aims to launch its validated mobile app for iPhone and iPad at the 2014 DIA EuroMeeting in Vienna but a pre-release ‘white-paper’, including screen-grabs for the App, is available here. The App is aimed particularly at Marketing Authorisation

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