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Systematic Review and Content Analysis of Smartphone Applications for the Prevention, Detection, and Management of Cancer

There are hundreds of cancer-focused apps with the potential to enhance efforts to promote behavior change, to monitor a host of symptoms and physiological indicators of disease, and to provide real-time supportive interventions, conveniently and at low cost. However, there

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Can Mobile Health Technologies Transform Health Care?

According to the authors (Steinhubl et al) there is substantial enthusiasm for mobile health (mHealth) technology particularly its potential to reduce health care spending and address the need for more precise and individualized medicine. But there are obstacles including the

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Cancer app takes top prize in Janssen digital awards

A start-up firm established by medical scientists that develops mobile apps for cancer patients has taken first place in the inaugural Digital Health Masterclass Challenge, hosted by Janssen Healthcare Innovation. Px HealthCare was selected as the winning company scooping the

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What do London buses and mHealth conferences have in common?

The answer in Europe at least is quite a lot. The last time I looked there was no evidence of any mHealth conferences in Europe then all of a sudden there were two. The first, an apparent spin out from

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Certification of Health Apps

New York-based mobile healthcare provider Happtique announced that it has certified 19 (although only 18 were listed) health and medical apps submitted by developers through its Health App Certification Program (HACP), in what the company calls a “first-of-its-kind program to

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How and why do people with a long-term condition choose to use a smartphone or tablet app for their condition? A qualitative interview study.

Imperial College London are carrying out research into how and why people use an app for a long-term condition like asthma or diabetes. The research aims to help doctors decide how best to use apps in routine care, and help

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Online site to test health apps for usability, trustworthiness

An international health app website has been launched to help patients and the public find the most suitable mobile health apps and test every app it features for usability and trustworthiness. The site features apps in 47 languages drawn from 146

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Smartphone App improves glycemic control in type 1 diabetics

In a two-group randomized controlled trial of 72 participants, patients in both groups were asked to continue with their usual care, which included a visit to their primary diabetes healthcare practitioner every three months. Patients in the intervention arm were

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mHealth Summit

The 2013 mHealth Summit will feature for the first-time, a Pharma and Life Sciences Track.  These industries are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of informatics and big data.  Increasingly mobile and wireless technologies are being implemented to meet the new

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Under-reporting of ADRs – why not use an app?

Whilst the reporting of spontaneous adverse drug reactions (ADRs) is recognised as an important tool in building a drugs pharmacovigilance profile it is poorly supported by healthcare professionals (HCPs) and under-reporting is a major problem. Various initiatives have been introduced

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