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iOS device lowers mortality rates

A new report in the U.K. states that doctors and nurses at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital are using iPads and iPod touches to streamline the hospital’s current reliance on paper notes. Using the scheme, staff record patients’ vital signs

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Apple and IBM to co-develop enterprise mobile apps

The firms’ press release provides limited detail about what the first “IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS” apps will do, beyond saying they would draw on IBM’s expertise at analysing large amounts of information to help “healthcare” among other industries make

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Patient-Generated Data Will Help Shape Future of Medicine

Duke University researchers examined the effect of collecting real-world data directly from patients as opposed to gathering such data through randomized controlled trials

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FDA Holds Webinar on Recent Social Media Guidances

The FDA held a Webinar on July 10 for those wanting further information regarding the publication of the two most recent draft guidances related to industry use of social media. Here is a link to the slides presented. The FDA

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Pharma companies may soon have to tweet side effects

The FDA has proposed a new set of social media guidelines that will require drug companies to tweet their products’ side-effects to the world, reports The Wall Street Journal. Though still tentative, the proposal would make it so that all

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Collection of PROs – mobile phones provide high response rates

At present, patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are extensively collected using questionnaires completed on paper or web forms. However, for frequent data collection e.g. patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases such questionnaires are impractical. In contrast, mobile phones are ideally suited for frequent

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New mobile app offers video consultations with GPs and nurses

A new smartphone app called Babylon seeks to give patients an ‘NHS in their pocket’ by allowing video consutations with doctors and arranging drug deliveries. Launched in May, the app is the first mobile platform linking patients and GPs to

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