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WEB-RADR – a 3 year wait for an app that’s already available

WEB-RADR is a three-year industry/regulator project which, amongst other things, will be looking to develop a mobile app for healthcare professionals and the public to report suspected ADRs to national EU regulators. BUT WHY WAIT 3+ years – a validated

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Using Twitter to study drug side effects

A recent study in Drug Safety demonstrated that patients are increasingly reporting their side effects via Twitter. Utilizing a semi-automated process to identify 23 drug products on Twitter, approximately 7 million tweets were assessed, with 60,000 evaluated, producing 4,400 identified.

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Majority of popular health apps have no privacy policies

Mobile health (mHealth) customers shopping for applications (apps) should be aware of app privacy practices so they can make informed decisions about purchase and use. A recent paper assessed the availability, scope, and transparency of mHealth app privacy policies on

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Smartphone technology to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease

New smartphone software developed at Aston University will bring the doctor into the patient’s pocket to assess their movements and speech at home. Parkinson’s is one of the commonest neurodegenerative diseases, affecting around 127,000 people in the UK. Diagnosis is

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Apple is set to transform the mobile health market

Apple is set to transform the mobile health market, setting industry standards just as its earlier foray into smartphones with the iPhone did, according to medical devices analysts. The company is gearing up to launch the next version of its

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MHRA leads social media drug safety initiative

The MHRA has announced that it is to lead European medicines regulators, academics and pharma in a three-year project to develop new ways of gathering drug safety information. Known as ‘WEB-RADR’, the project is in response to the rise in

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Mobile medical and health apps: state of the art, concerns, regulatory control and certification

A recent paper examines the state of the art in mobile clinical and health-related apps as healthcare professionals and consumers express concerns about the quality of many apps. The paper describes the range of apps on offer as of 2013,

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