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Pharma apps – a poor return

If you were an app developer in a pharma company would you consider 6.6m downloads from 497 unique apps a good return? Well you might if you only had 13,200 potential users i.e. patients and HCPs. But if you compared

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Mobile telehealth and the ‘doctor in your pocket’

The mobile telehealth industry is on the verge of a dramatic growth surge that is significantly disrupting the healthcare sector in North America. This is according to consultants Frost & Sullivan (F&S) and its ‘Pulse of Telehealth 2014’ research, that

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When does an app need regulating?

Find out what three lawyers think makes something a medical device – and what you should be doing if your brand new app is one – whether using the CE mark in the EU, or complying with Food and Drug

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Wanted – safe, validated apps for doctors and their patients

A recent survey showed that 88% of UK Doctors owned a smartphone and 82% of these used it for work purposes. The survey also showed that: 28% of UK Doctors think that a diagnostic app that records patient information and

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UK Doctors want Pharma apps

A recent survey suggests that if pharmaceutical companies want to offer greater value to UK doctors they should be developing mobile apps in order to maximise the benefit of their drugs. This approach would also offer greater value to HCPs

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