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FDA-cleared health apps hacked

According to a recent report by mobile security firm Arxan Technology 90% of the Android healthcare apps they looked at had been hacked; four of those apps were FDA cleared. However, none of the iOS healthcare apps they evaluated had

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Why tablets – and apps – have a big future in pharma

It’s not that the world’s biggest drugmaker by sales wants to make the next smart watch. Rather, its researchers are seeking fresh ways to monitor how the company’s medicines are working and being taken by patients. Novartis Chief executive Joe

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GSK pilots mHealth devices in clinical trials

GlaxoSmithKline is experimenting with mobile health (mHealth) devices linked to cloud services in clinical trials as part of a bid to better engage with patients, speed up the process and capture data more effectively. Medidata and GSK ran the pilot

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NHS sets out vision for IT-enabled, research-facilitating future

As part of its wide-reaching strategy, NHS England will create “test bed” sites at which bioinformatics approaches and other tools will be tested. NHS England plans to locate the sites alongside the existing Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), a collection

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GPs to ‘prescribe’ NHS validated apps

Family doctors will soon be able to “prescribe” patients with NHS validated smartphone applications to help them improve their health and lifestyle, as part of a new Government strategy. Under the initiative, patients might be recommended apps which track their

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NHS to ‘kitemark’ health-related apps

An NHS “kitemark” for health-related smartphone apps is one of a number of new technological initiatives being backed by NHS chiefs in England. With the rapid growth of health-related apps for mobile phones and other personal devices, an NHS “kitemark”

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