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NHS failing its mobile patients

A recent study showed that in August of this year 36% of NHS website visits were from mobiles or tablets but only 43% of these sites were mobile-optimised. This study also found that of 159 NHS trusts surveyed just 15%

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Pfizer use mApp in Chronic Pain study

Through this mobile application (mApp), medical technicians can quickly and easily collect medical data directly from individuals at any location, rather than only being able to do so in a physician’s office or hospital. The application makes it possible for

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Blackberry to launch cancer diagnostic app

Said to be available early next year this mobile diagnostic tool for its Passport device will enable doctors to securely view and analyse biopsy test results as soon as they become available. Currently, delays in getting biopsy results can force

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Consumers want government oversight on health apps

Around 90 percent of young people think there should be some governmental regulation and oversight for digital health apps, according to a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia survey of 3,000 consumers. Findings from this survey were presented at the mHealth Summit

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Patient safety protocols require a wearable!

A California hospital has begun requiring certain patients use a wearable remote patient monitoring device in order to comply with internal patient safety protocols. Chino Valley Medical Center is employing the Leaf Patient Monitoring System from Pleasanton-based Leaf Healthcare. The

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