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FDA ‘Taking a Very Light Touch’ on Regulating the Apple Watch

Bloomberg Business reports that with Apple Inc. and fellow Silicon Valley companies edging further into health care, the U.S. agency in charge of oversight says it will give the technology industry leeway to develop new products without aggressive regulation. Bakul

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An app to monitor longterm illnesses also offers users a stake in sharing data

An app for people with longterm illnesses to track symptoms and record medication doses has raised seed funds and embarked on the first of what’s expected to be a series of studies with Mount Sinai Hospital and other medical institutions

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Clinicians Believe mHealth Apps Will Improve Patient Engagement

46 percent of clinicians believe mHealth apps will improve the clinician-patient relationship and plan to introduce mobile health apps to their practice over the next five years, according to a new survey by Research Now. Based on the response of 500 healthcare

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FT Digital health summit Europe

Digital health is reaching a crucial turning point. With a growing array of digitally enabled health applications capturing the public imagination, increasing numbers of consumer brands entering the digital health space, and the industry attracting record levels of investor interest,

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Apps to be a key part of healthcare future

A pull-out in today’s London Times charts the future of healthcare and suggests that the long-awaited impact of new technology, including social media – health apps, remote monotoring, data sharing – could be important. Switched on patients given the right

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FDA launches drug shortages mobile app

Recognising the need to provide the public and healthcare professionals with easier access to information on drug shortages the FDA has launched its first mobile app dedicated to the subject. The FDAs Drug Shortages app, available in free Android and

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Why mHealth apps fail to deliver on promises

Lack of specific healthcare knowledge and ignorance on patient and data confidentiality are among the top reasons many mHealth apps fail to deliver on promises, according to a recent white paper. Among other reasons listed for mHealth app failures: Scarce

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mHealth and chronic disease management

Adherence to chronic disease management is critical to achieving improved health outcomes, quality of life, and cost-effective health care. As the burden of chronic diseases continues to grow globally, so does the impact of non-adherence. Mobile technologies are increasingly being

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