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New ‘app’ tracks Parkinson’s symptoms

Patient diaries are an established way to record symptoms of long-term illnesses and usually come in paper form. However, paper-based patient diaries are imperfect and experience shows that patients’ commitment often fades over time. There are also concerns about accuracy.

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AZ and NCI to develop a mobile app to manage side effects

It has been reported that AstraZeneca and the NCI will test whether a mobile app can improve treatment for women who are taking AstraZeneca’s Lynparza and cediranib cancer drug combo. The smartphone app links to a web portal that allows doctors and

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It’s now official – using a mobile app can improve pharmacovigilance

A recent study has shown that by using a mobile app the time taken to prepare and submit a voluntary adverse event (AE) report can be reduced significantly. The study also showed that reports received via the mobile app were

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