Report from the recent DIA meeting in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam presentations on the use of mobile Apps were still few and far between but the interest and discussions around our prototype Apps in the exhibition hall suggested this technology was beginning to gain traction in some areas of pharmaceutical development.

Of those presentations that did mention Apps I would highlight Nabarun Dasgupta’s in session 0405. He presented details on various projects including involvement with the FDAs MedWatcher App for adverse event reporting. This talk generated many questions, particularly from European regulatory representatives, who were there in number.

Maiken Hedegaard, in the same session, gave an overview of why and how we should be using this technology and Monica Ploen presented some of the early findings from the online reporting system for adverse events developed by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, a system that also works as an App on smartphones.

We shared a stand with our partner BaseCon, a well established PV database provider, and were able to demonstrate our App for adverse event reporting linking, via E2B compliant XML, to BaseCons PV database (SBI). This generated a lot of interest as did our other Apps for gathering data from post authorisation safety studies (PASS) and quality of life questionnaires (QoL).

From the wide ranging discussions we had with delegates there are clearly plenty of applications for mobile Apps and pharma development appears close to adopting this technology in a variety of data/information management scenarios. Hopefully this will mean that by the time of the next EuroMeeting in Vienna mobile Apps will be more prominent.

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