Report on Apps in Pharmaceutical Development Seminar

On 14 June 2013, Virtual PV hosted a seminar on Apps in Pharmaceutical R&D at the St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge UK .  Delegate responses to our meeting feedback question, ‘How useful did you find the seminar’, included comments such as:

  • ‘Very! The first pharma-focused medical app meeting I have been to. Better than general eHealth conferences. Great to have MHRA represented.’
  • ‘Super useful. The best conference / symposium I have attended this year.’
  • ‘Very interesting and inspiring.’

The following presentations were made:

  1. A Medical Consent App — A Lean Solution for the Real World — Dr Saif Abed, Ascend Innovations
  2. Potential for Apps in Pharma Development — Dr Steve Hutson, Virtual PV
  3. New Adventures in Pharmacovigilance – Mobile Apps, Social Media and a Step Outside the Comfort Zone — Dr Nabaran Dasgupta, Epidemico
  4. Apps and the Business Process Model — Martyn Ould, Virtual PV
  5. Creating the Digital Glue between Life Science and Healthcare — Maiken Hedegaard, NNIT
  6. Mobile Apps — a Regulatory Perspective — Phil Tregunno, MHRA
  7. Security and Reliability Issues in App Development — David Perrin
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