Potential for Apps in Pharma Development

On 14 June 2013, Dr Steve Hutson of Virtual PV presented at our seminar on apps in pharmaceutical development on the subject of ‘The Potential for Apps in Pharma Development’.

Steve’s presentation demonstrated that whilst apps were already used by healthcare workers, patients, regulators and pharmaceutical marketing professionals to support their day-to-day activities they were not yet evident in pharma development. Steve suggested reasons for this might include: the regulatory burden associated with pharmaceutical software development, data security concerns and the conservative nature of pharma development professionals. The NHS had similar concerns but for the last three years the Department of Health has been running the Mobile Health Worker Project which has shown that most of these issues can be addressed and also demonstrated that mobile apps can deliver cost savings and improvements in productivity.

Steve showed that the benefits of mobile devices and apps (such as their convenience, being always connected and their speed) would benefit clinical data gathering, adverse event reporting, medical information and risk management — provided the apps were developed to a recognised quality standard and data security issues addressed.

The slides are available here (644KB).

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