How and why do people with a long-term condition choose to use a smartphone or tablet app for their condition? A qualitative interview study.

Imperial College London are carrying out research into how and why people use an app for a long-term condition like asthma or diabetes. The research aims to help doctors decide how best to use apps in routine care, and help improve the design of apps for asthma and diabetes.

The study aims to find out why people with asthma, type 1 or type 2 diabetes choose to use an app to help manage their condition.

Apps have been around for about five years now. Although we know that people are using them, little is known about the experience of people with long term conditions like asthma and diabetes.

Understanding what people with these conditions want their apps to do, how they use them, and any problems they encounter will help design better apps in the future. It will help us guide clinical staff about how best to support people with long term conditions who want to use apps.

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