Opportunities to utilize mHealth strategies, apps and devices into a clinical program

Mobile health is a hot topic when it comes to patients monitoring their own health and pharma companies seeking deeper engagement with healthcare stakeholders, but Abbe Steel, Vice President of Patient & Physician Services,  UBC also sees a big application in facilitating more efficient drug development.

Many of us are familiar with apps that help us track our caloric intake or log our activity. But apps can also be used to get lab results by phone, manage medications, and share health information instantly. Not only are more and more people using mobile devices to access medical information and download health applications, but physicians are increasingly relying on this technology to provide a portion of patient care and to receive information on the latest medical breakthroughs.

The emergence and popularity of patient-centric applications provides a great opportunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers to engage patients and create a customized, direct relationship with them. And the clinical trial space provides an excellent channel to leverage these technologies. The integration of mobile technology in new clinical trial designs and business strategy development holds promise for aligning site and patient needs with faster study execution and reduced costs.

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