Simulated adverse event report sent by Virtual PV’s AER App from the remote Cook Islands

Steve has been on a world circumnavigation in recent months, fulfilling one of those life ambitions many of us have, but relatively few of us get around to (as I write, he’s now touring on the West Coast of the USA before returning to the UK in July 2014.)

I asked Steve to do some ‘work’ while he was away, sending occasional simulated adverse event reports from different parts of the world, using the advanced engineering prototype of our AER App installed on his iPhone and iPad-Mini.

It was exciting to find in our test PV Database (an instance of SafetyBase Interchange, supplied by our Partners, BaseCon A/S) on 07 June 2014 a report from Steve sent from the remote Cook Islands (specifically from Rarotonga, a small island of 26 square miles or 67 square kilometres in area, and with a population of about 13,000 souls), which sits in the Pacific Ocean a little under half way between New Zealand and Mexico. Here it is on a map: view map.

It was something of an emotional moment for me, I will admit. To receive an adverse event report from the App, transmitted accurately and securely, and almost instantly, from such a remote location struck me as a super proof-of-concept, and it has made all the hard work of developing the App seem even more worthwhile.

For anyone intrigued by this island, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on Rarotonga that provides more information and some breathtaking photos of the island. Clearly an idyllic, and romantic destination. I hear the scuba diving is quite good, too.

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