Apple and IBM to co-develop enterprise mobile apps

The firms’ press release provides limited detail about what the first “IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS” apps will do, beyond saying they would draw on IBM’s expertise at analysing large amounts of information to help “healthcare” among other industries make efficiency gains and take advantage of the cloud.

Within the healthcare arena a recent article gives some clues as to possible directions: IBM pours $1 billion into big data with Watson supercomputer.

IBMs Watson super computer has already been given a crash-course in clinical decision support and dabbled in cancer research, IBM has much bigger plans for the brainy bundle of processors. Big Blue will be pouring a billion dollars into big data, teaching Watson how to crunch numbers to aid in clinical trials, predict patient outcomes, and sift through enormous amounts of data, bringing actionable insights to hospitals and researchers at an unimaginably quickened pace.

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