Wanted – safe, validated apps for doctors and their patients

A recent survey showed that 88% of UK Doctors owned a smartphone and 82% of these used it for work purposes.

The survey also showed that:

28% of UK Doctors think that a diagnostic app that records patient information and relays it to a GP surgery via a smartphone would be helpful and Doctors over 55 see most utility in this app.

24% of UK Doctors think that an information/help app or a web site where patients can follow-up with information after a consultation would be useful

58% of UK Doctors think that a compliance app that helps patients make sure they take their treatment correctly would be useful. This number rises to 65% of Doctors over 55.

40% of UK Doctors think that a diary app would be helpful for patients to record symptoms prior to consultation. This is similar for US Doctors (39%) but lower for Germany (34%) and France (23%)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where these Doctors and patients could go to download safe, trusted and validated apps to meet these needs?

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