Pharma apps – a poor return

If you were an app developer in a pharma company would you consider 6.6m downloads from 497 unique apps a good return? Well you might if you only had 13,200 potential users i.e. patients and HCPs. But if you compared yourself to mHealth app market leaders, MyFitnessPal, who can point to 70m downloads with more than 6m active users of just one app then you might consider your return poor value for your investment. But according to a recent study from Research2Guidance this is the return the 11 leading pharma conpanies are getting in this area.

To be fair, the report did show significant differences in downloads, apps users, app categories, country focus, governance models and target groups. But nevertheless none of the app portfolios appeared to be having a significant impact in the mHealth app market with only two apps generating more than a million downloads.

With many patients and the majority of HCPs now actively using their smart phones and mHealth apps to better engage in healthcare management pharma companies would be advised to up their game in this area and address this problem before their users turn to alternative providers.

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