GSK pilots mHealth devices in clinical trials

GlaxoSmithKline is experimenting with mobile health (mHealth) devices linked to cloud services in clinical trials as part of a bid to better engage with patients, speed up the process and capture data more effectively.

Medidata and GSK ran the pilot at the latter’s Human Performance Lab, a site that works to improve strength, stamina and other attributes. Each participant was given two wearable devices, Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD and ActiGraph’s wGT3X-BT Monitor. The devices gathered continuous data on vital signs, activity levels and heart rhythms, which were fed into smartphones carried by all of the participants. Medidata’s Clinical Cloud collated the data and mapped it to the clinical record.

The partners are pleased with the results. “We gathered data on an unprecedented scale–collecting more than 18 million data points on activity and vital signs per participant per day.

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