Patient safety protocols require a wearable!

A California hospital has begun requiring certain patients use a wearable remote patient monitoring device in order to comply with internal patient safety protocols. Chino Valley Medical Center is employing the Leaf Patient Monitoring System from Pleasanton-based Leaf Healthcare.

The sensor monitors patient movement in bed, then uses that data to calculate when the patient needs to be turned to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers. That data is uploaded wirelessly to central monitoring stations or mobile devices so doctors can monitor the readings. The system also alerts nurses or physicians when a patient needs to be turned.

A recent clinical trial showed that use of the sensor increased compliance with hospital turn procedures from a baseline 64 percent to 98 percent. Ulcers are a dangerous and painful condition which cost the US healthcare system $11 billion a year according to AHRQ, and because they’re hospital-acquired, treatment is often not reimbursable by insurers.

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