Mobile App for Chronic Pain Study

Manage My Pain is a mobile app designed to capture real-time experiences of individuals with chronic pain in a diary that physicians can use to monitor their patients’ conditions, as well as provide people suffering from chronic pain with feedback on their progress. The app, written only for Android devices, helps people cope with fibromyalgia — a condition causing muscle pain, fatigue, and tender pressure points — migraines, arthritis, and back pain.

The large number of installations and capturing of individual records in a cloud database attracted the attention of Joel Katz, a health psychology professor at York and director of the Human Pain Mechanisms Lab. “These patient-reported outcomes will help us reveal previously unexplored patterns in pain, both in terms of intensity and the number of occurrences,” says Katz. “Most chronic pain studies involve hundreds of participants but thanks to this app, we have several thousands of patients’ data to work with including hundreds of thousands of data points.”

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