Doctors ‘distrust apps developed by pharma’

A study of GPs in 3 European countries showed that whilst there was a role for healthcare technologies in disease management – GPs distrusted many of pharma’s efforts to create these technologies.

The survey of 131 GPs in the UK, Germany and France, by pollsters Ipsos Mori tracked trends in healthcare tech, whilst identifying concerns over their use.

GPs in all three countries were more likely to distrust apps developed by pharma companies (40%), compared to those developed by tech companies (24%). And the findings highlighted differences between the attitudes of GPs in the three countries. German GPs were more wary of apps developed by pharma companies, with 48% saying they didn’t trust them, compared to 36% in the UK.

“These findings showed physicians definitely did see a role for apps and wearable tech, but only if they complemented face-to-face treatment, rather than replaced it.  But the clear message was that any new apps or devices would need to integrate with existing systems, and genuinely simplify and improve current practices.”

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