Security Issues and mPharma Apps

The rise in mobile pharma (mPharma), a subset of the mobile health (mHealth) market, threatens to disrupt the way pharmaceutical data are currently managed, shifting the emphasis from in-house systems to apps on mobiles and storage on shared cloud services. This trend is paralleled by a new openness in which:

  1. Devices that were once only available in clinics become widely available to individuals
  2. Flexible mPharma applications tempt clinicians away from the clinic-based systems

However, whilst mPharma’s disruption of the traditional data gathering and management methods has its benefits, mobile technology does have its down side – a greater risk to data security and privacy. However, these risks can be mitigated and mPharma apps can be built with appropriate levels of security and privacy if you know what the risks are and where they present themselves.

Types of security and privacy risks

Because of the nature of mPharma apps there are numerous opportunities for security/privacy breaches including: Internet, Third Party Services, Bluetooth, Logging, SD Card Storage, Exported Components, and Side Channels. If you are interested in finding out more details drop me an inMail.

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