GSK looking at mobile technology to reduce R&D costs

Attendees at a recent mobile health conference held at The New York Academy of Sciences, in New York City, learnt that GSK are exploring the use mobile sensors and digital devices to lower the cost of bringing drugs to market. Andrew Witty (GSK CEO) has previously said  “We want to make our drugs better, more affordable and improve access. It currently takes about $2 billion to bring a drug to market. That’s not sustainable. We have to enable R&D to create a more sustainable future.”

Other drugmakers have explored the use of wearables in patients, too. Biogen recently worked with PatientslikeMe to evaluate the use of fitness trackers in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Almost 300 clinical trials are using wearables to help gather data, according to a 2014 Bloomberg Business analysis of National Institutes of Health data.

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