New ‘app’ tracks Parkinson’s symptoms

Patient diaries are an established way to record symptoms of long-term illnesses and usually come in paper form. However, paper-based patient diaries are imperfect and experience shows that patients’ commitment often fades over time.

There are also concerns about accuracy. Patient diary entries are not always made in real time and when patients fill in a diary retrospectively, the risk of error is higher.

At UCB they are assessing the feasibility of using the MC10 wearable sensor patch to monitor physiological parameters, such as limb movement and measure and detect patterns in motor symptoms of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

If successful this approach will not only overcome many of the limitations of paper-based diaries but will also provide reminders and instructional videos on how to complete the diary, to support patients during the clinical trial.

The data captured by the patient diary app, together with some more traditional physician-scored symptom measures, will enable the development of intelligent algorithms that will be able to extract clinical symptoms from the data generated by the wearable sensor patch.

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