AE Reporter – Adverse Event Reporting App

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Our AE Reporter app is now available (see the ‘Download on the App Store’ link, below right).  The App enables medical sales representatives, among others, to send adverse event reports quickly and easily to a remote drug safety database, even while in the presence of a healthcare professional. A basic report can be sent in around 45 seconds.  Features of the App include:

  • Very easy to use
  • Enter minimum data or fuller reports as circumstances require
  • Look up and auto-enter healthcare professional contact details
  • Look-up and auto-enter drug and reaction details
  • Enter multiple drugs and reactions
  • Operates over cellular and wi-fi data connections
  • Save multiple reports if network unavailable, for later transmission
  • Reminders for reports waiting to be transmitted
  • History of reports sent (and waiting)
  • Transmission of data in E2B compliant format
  • Prospectively validated to GxP standards
  • Data encrypted during storage and transmission
  • Authentication of user and remote database
  • Detection of common types of security attack
  • Customisable to your exact requirements

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