AE Reporter Practice Database

To log onto the practice database, please:

  1. Review our privacy policy by following this link: AE Reporter Privacy Policy
  2. Open a database window in your web browser by clicking on this link: Practice Database
  3. Enter ‘GUEST’ in the ‘User name’ field
  4. Enter the following  p a s s w o r d, which is case sensitive, and then press the ‘Log On’ button:

Once you have logged onto the practice database as a guest, you can access practice reports you have sent by:

  1. Clicking on the ‘General’ menu item at the top left of ‘PharmaSolutions’ browser window
  2. Selecting ‘SafetyBase Interchange’ from the drop-down menu that appears
  3. A new ‘Status’ browser tab or window will open
  4. In the ‘Case No’ field replace ‘All’ with your case reference and click ‘Go’
  5. Your case will be retrieved and listed in the section below
  6. Click on your case number in the ‘Case no’ column
  7. A new window will open to show details of your case, which can be accessed in various sections

The practice database system is provided courtesy of our partners, BaseCon A/S.

Please note that only fields for which you have included data in your practice report will be populated (and that any Sender details you may have entered in the App’s Settings Tab are not sent to the practice database).  In the case of a live database, once a report has been received it is processed as required by the client organisation, which of course may require returning to the Reporter to obtain further details of the case.