Better pharmacovigilance through social media

Monitoring conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and patient forums to identify and assess adverse drug reactions (ADRs) is becoming very popular with pharma companies and healthcare organisations providing useful data for strategy development, competitive research and patient segmentation. But what remains

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Too many mHealth apps, too little verification

Concerns about the safety and reliability of mHealth apps are growing and recent articles in JAMA and JMIR provide evidence to support these concerns. But not everyone believes deeper review and critique of apps is necessary. An ex-Food and Drug Administration deputy commissioner and

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EU Convenes mHealth app Working Group

The European Commission is working towards improving the safety and transparency of health information collected by mobile apps. Its newly set up mHealth app working group will be tasked with assessing the validity and reliability of the data that is

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New ‘app’ tracks Parkinson’s symptoms

Patient diaries are an established way to record symptoms of long-term illnesses and usually come in paper form. However, paper-based patient diaries are imperfect and experience shows that patients’ commitment often fades over time. There are also concerns about accuracy.

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AZ and NCI to develop a mobile app to manage side effects

It has been reported that AstraZeneca and the NCI will test whether a mobile app can improve treatment for women who are taking AstraZeneca’s Lynparza and cediranib cancer drug combo. The smartphone app links to a web portal that allows doctors and

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It’s now official – using a mobile app can improve pharmacovigilance

A recent study has shown that by using a mobile app the time taken to prepare and submit a voluntary adverse event (AE) report can be reduced significantly. The study also showed that reports received via the mobile app were

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Apps ‘spy on users’

As previously reported in this blog many medical apps are insecure and leak your personal and health data. Now further Research from the MIT, Harvard, and Carnegie-Mellon universities confirms that Apps on Apple and Android smartphones leak lots of users’ information to third parties. Of

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NHS to re-launch its app store

Lets hope this means they are going to put more effort into protecting users’ data since a report co-authored by researchers from Imperial College London, revealed that several NHS-approved apps leaked data about their users. The study, which assessed all

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GSK looking at mobile technology to reduce R&D costs

Attendees at a recent mobile health conference held at The New York Academy of Sciences, in New York City, learnt that GSK are exploring the use mobile sensors and digital devices to lower the cost of bringing drugs to market. Andrew Witty

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NHS-approved apps found ‘leaking’ ID data

Many NHS-accredited smartphone health apps leak data that could be used for ID theft and fraud, a study has found. The apps are included in NHS England’s Health Apps Library, which tests programs to ensure they meet standards of clinical and

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